The Franklin-Simpson Industrial Authority has recently purchased 187 acres to create a new industrial park for the community.

The new park, which will be known as the Stone-Givens Industrial Park is located on Highway 100 approximately one mile from Exit 6 at Interstate 65. It is adjacent to the Henderson Industrial Park which is located just west of the new development.

The site is already zoned for industries and distribution facilities. The Franklin-Simpson Industrial Authority is currently applying for a matching grant through the Economic Development Administration which will help develop needed infrastructure for the park. This would include industrial access roads plus water and sewer lines for the entire 187 acres.

“This new industrial park is named in honor of former Representative Wilson Stone and State Senator David Givens,” Chairman of the Franklin Simpson-Industrial Authority Gary Broady said. “These two gentlemen have worked tirelessly together to secure funding to help build roads and utility lines for the numerous industries in our other industrial parks. It is only fitting that our new 187-acre site be named in their honor.”

“I am very excited about the additional land we will have to market in our community,” Mayor Larry Dixon said. “The Henderson Industrial Park in recent years has had phenomenal success and we are pleased to develop another site that we can market to new and expanding companies. It is important to have industrial land readily available for companies looking at our area.”

“The new Stone-Givens Industrial Park is a huge addition for our county,” Simpson County Judge/Executive Mason Barnes said. “We can now offer large tracts of land again to major industries that are looking to locate in this region of Kentucky. The quality jobs that have been brought by industries to our other parks have led to a lot of positive growth for our county. I am really pleased that we have more sites that will ultimately create many more jobs in our county.”

It is expected that the new Stone-Givens Industrial Park will have roads and other infrastructure in place by the summer of 2022. For more information about the new Stone-Givens Industrial Park or the Franklin/Simpson County community please contact Dennis Griffin at 270-586-4477 or at

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