Brian “Tiger” Gann and Amy McGrath were among the winners in Simpson County in the June primary election. Simpson County results from the election were released by the county clerk’s office on June 29.

Gann won the Simpson County primary for the Republican nomination for State Representative from the 22nd House District which includes all of Simpson County and all of Allen County along with a portion of southern Warren County.

Gann received 793 votes followed by Shawn McPherson’s 322 votes, Tim Miller’s 78 votes and Nathan A. Brace’s 48 votes.

The results for Allen County and Warren County were not available as of press time.

McGrath won the Simpson County primary for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator defeating Charles Booker by six votes, 787 to 781. Jimmy C. Ausbrooks, of Franklin, received 92 votes. Seven other candidates in the race also received votes.

Winners of the two other races on the Simpson County Republican ballot were Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential primary and Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senator primary.

The lone other race on the Simpson County Democratic ballot was for U.S. President, won by Joseph R. Biden.

Chris McNeill and Jenny Hines were the top two vote getters in Simpson County in the nonpartisan race for Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge from the First Appellate District, First Division. McNeill received 1,029 votes and Hines received 969 votes. C. Rene Williams received 576 votes.

Unofficially, 1,836 Democrats and 1,264 Republicans voted in the Simpson County primary. The number of independent voters who went to the polls was not available.

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