A Historic Harristown District Summit-Jazz Festival known as “Rock the Block” will be held Friday, July 23 through Sunday, July 25. The event begins at 11 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

The summit-festival will be held in the area of the intersection of John J. Johnson Avenue and Jefferson Street. The event is taking place primarily outdoors with 30-food vendors scheduled to attend.

The event will highlight the Historic Harristown District and unveil plans of enhancement, revitalization and restoration as well as honoring the former Lincoln High School and the school’s graduates.

Tickets are required with prices beginning at $15 for general admission. Food vendor costs are not included in the price of admission.

Ticket information is available on the Historic Harristown website and on a link available on the Historic Harristown District Facebook page. Ticket information is also available by calling 615-891-0856.

The Historic Harristown District organization is holding the event. Proceeds will go the organization to fund revitalization and enhancement purposes in the Harristown district.

An opening ceremony will be held Friday, July 23 beginning at noon. The ceremony will be attended by Historic Harristown District Board members, city officials and others.

Historic Harristown District banners will be unveiled during the opening ceremonies.

The banners will be on display throughout the district welcoming people to the district. The banners will be purple and gold, the school colors for the former Lincoln High School, which also included other grades and was attended by African Americans before desegregation in public schools.

The first block for the Walk of Fame on the sidewalk along John J. Johnson Avenue will be unveiled. The blocks in the Walk of Fame will have a star in the center with the name of an individual who was influential in both the district and city.

The historic district board, city officials and others in the community will vote on the names to place on the Walk of Fame.

The first block on the Walk of Fame will honor the late Lucille Brooks. Ms. Brooks was an activist with the Human Rights Commission and NAACP and also a founder of the African American Heritage Center in Franklin.

Music will be performed after the opening ceremonies. Street performers will be followed by live bands.

The Saturday, July 24 events will include “Move the Beat” that will feature dee jays playing 30 minute sets of various types of music including jazz, classical, soul, blues, R&B, and country.

A gospel celebration and closing ceremony will be held as part of the Sunday, July 25 events.

“Our organization has been formed now for about a year and a half, we started in the midst of the pandemic basically trying to get development as far as getting our goal and plan of what we as an organization want to present to the community,” Historic Harristown District director and Legendary Legacy association president Dylan Holder said.

The Legendary Legacy Association governs the district board that consists of 14 members including Holder, three pastors, business owners, a representative of the African American Heritage Center and others.

“We had an event planned during the pandemic for the public to get more information out. However, due to the pandemic we were not able to do so,” Holder said. “This event, the District Summit, is going to help our organization put a face with a name for all community members to know who is on our board. Also, it gives us the opportunity to communicate to the community, what is our goal, what are our plans, how are we helping advance the community. An attachment to that (summit) is a music festival, a jazz festival we specifically said. We’re attaching a fun part. We’re always about creativity, about the arts. We think the arts is a great way to bring community, to bring love and so we wanted to attach something fun that people can come to. So, you’re getting something informative, but also you’re getting a nice, fun event to come to. It’s a family friendly event.”

Holder also praised city officials for helping with the organization’s efforts.

For more information, contact Holder about the summit-jazz festival or about the Historic Harristown District organization.

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