The Franklin-Simpson Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend approval of three zone change requests during its regular meeting on Nov. 10.

Kycore is requesting a zone change from B-5 (interstate interchange) to I-1 (light industrial) for a 322.34-acre parcel between Scottsville Road and Gold City Road just west of I-65.

The zone change is being requested to make the site more attractive for small industry.

Lewis Memorial is requesting a zone change from Ag (agriculture) to B-4 (highway business) for a 50.12-acre parcel adjoined along the west (back) side of Lewis Memorial Home and Assisted Living on Bowling Green Road.

An additional assisted living project is proposed for the site.

The Franklin City Commission will consider final approval of both zone changes.

And, Steven and Melissa Jones are requesting a zone change from I-1 (light industrial) to Ag (agriculture) for a 2.56-acre parcel adjacent to 141 Tyree Chapel Road.

Simpson Fiscal Court will now consider final approval of the zone change.

The planning and zoning commission approved a final development plan, presented by Bud Jones, for multi family units at the corner of Springfield Road (Highway 383) and Bluegrass Road (Highway 1008).

Also approved was a preliminary development plan, presented by Jody Allen and Lucas Slavey, for Windsor Park Subdivision Phase Three.

And, the planning and zoning commission approved a lot line modification/removal for lots 15A and 1A of Whispering Hills Subdivision.

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