As of Oct. 19 a total of 325 confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been reported in Simpson County by the Barren River District Health Department since the pandemic began.

Of the Simpson County cases 278 have recovered and there have been a total of nine deaths leaving 38 active cases.

A total of seven new cases were reported in Simpson County on Oct. 19.

“While today’s (October 19) report shows a larger number of new cases than we are accustomed to seeing, if we bear in mind this is a three day total since Friday (Oct. 16), overall compared to other counties and areas around us, we (Simpson County) are still doing about as good as we can,” Simpson County Judge/Executive Mason Barnes said about the most recent report.

Barnes said Simpson County’s recovery rate since the pandemic began is 85.5% and the active cases rate is 11.6%.

“The District (health department) has their hands full with contract tracing, so I urge you please — if you test positive please stay isolated even if you have not yet heard from the health department. This would greatly help us cut down on the spread,” Barnes shared on the Mason Barnes Simpson County Judge Executive Facebook page.

A total of 8,017 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in the health department district of which 6,708 have recovered and there have been 140 deaths, leaving 1,169 active cases.

Among the other counties in the health department district Barren County has had 973 cases, Butler County — 409, Edmonson County — 181, Hart County — 297, Logan County — 713, Metcalfe County — 175 and Warren County — 4,944 cases.

Also, 488 cases have been reported in Allen County by the Allen County Health Department.

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