The Simpson County Board of Education began the process for possible construction of a F-S High School auditorium and new alternative school facility at its monthly meeting on July 15.

The board approved submission of what is known as a BG1 form that goes to the Kentucky Department of Education listing funding sources and cost of the project. Approval from the state department of education is required before the school district can move on with the project.

The combined total cost of the auditorium and new alternative school project is $8.1 million and will be funded through bond sales.

The application to the state is requesting a 700-seat auditorium.

If approved, the auditorium will face the same direction as the high school gym. It will be connected to the gym and share the same lobby and restrooms.

Simpson County Schools Superintendent Tim Schlosser said the footprint for the auditorium was laid out when the gym was constructed in 2008.

“It would be a tremendous opportunity for our fine arts department, our band, choir, drama, musicals and our new orchestra program to have a place to showcase their talents, also our elementary school programs and middle school programs,” Schlosser said. “We’ll have our own home to be able to do those things here on campus.”

The alternative school will consist of six classrooms and a multipurpose room built on the back of the career and tech center on the high school campus.

The alternative school is currently located in the former high school gym on Yokley Street and is known as the West Campus.

“We just can’t paint or sand or put in any more window units or repair heating units in that building (West Campus) much longer,” Schlosser said.

Schlosser said the current West Campus facility can be used an auxiliary gym if the new alternative school site is approved.

No timetable for completion of the project has been given.

Some 38 items were approved during the meeting including 13 fundraisers, five handbooks, food service bids and the senior yearbook photo bid.

Food service bids were awarded to Gordon Food Service, Prarie Farms Dairy and SFS Pacs/Smart Systems.

The senior yearbook photo bid was awarded to Images by Amy.

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