Simpson Fiscal Court approved a motion at its July 21 meeting stating it is adhering to an earlier school resource officer agreement.

The agreement approved by fiscal court on July 7 and also approved by the Franklin City Commission on July 13 says the Simpson County Sheriff’s Office will provide a school resource officer for the Simpson County School System through Dec. 31, 2021.

The Simpson County Board of Education is also required to approve the agreement, but has yet to do so.

Simpson County Judge/Executive Mason Barnes said the school board is proposing changes in the agreement.

Among the changes are that the terms of the agreement would revert back to the original 2011 agreement between the school system, county and city if a new agreement is not approved before the agreement expires December 31, 2021.

Concerns were expressed by fiscal court about the terms of the agreement reverting back to the original agreement.

Among the terms in the original agreement is that the sheriff’s office would provide the school resource officer.

Concerns about financial terms of the original agreement were also expressed.

Franklin Police currently provides the school resource officer.

Fiscal Court approved Simpson County Jail roof repairs at a cost of $29,777 and approved two contracts for instructors of the Second Chance Offender Rehabilitation and Education program, also known as SCORE, at the Simpson County Jail.

Magistrate and Boys and Girls Club Board member Nathaniel Downey said the Boys and Girls Club will reopen when schools reopen on Aug. 26.

Downey said the Boys and Girls Club will be limited to 50 children in attendance and that online services will be available for children not able to go to the club.

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