Curtis Burgett seeks District 4 School Board seat in November election

Curtis Burgett

Curtis Burgett is one four candidates in the November 3 General Election for the District Four seat on the Simpson County Board of Education.

District Four consists of the Fairview, Public School and West Simpson voting precincts.

School board races are nonpartisan.

Burgett was born and raised in Simpson County, is a Franklin-Simpson High School graduate and studied fire science at the Southern Kentucky Technical College.

He served on the 911 Task Force, the 911 Task Force Board of Directors and as chairman of the local Emergency Planning Committee.

Burgett worked at the Simpson County Jail for 22 years, was a member of the Franklin-Simpson Fire Department for 21 years and worked at Lincoln Elementary for five years. He is now employed as a bus driver in the Simpson County School System and is the owner — operator of Sunset Print and Stitch.

He has a girlfriend of nine years, Sandy Gibbs; two daughters, Courtney Key and Katie Moyers, and ten grandchildren.

“I am running for the District Four School Board seat because I have worked in the school system for many years, and have witnessed first hand changes that could be made,” Burgett said in a prepared statement. “I have worked as a custodian and light maintenance, a substitute cafeteria worker, a bus monitor and bus driver. I have worked alongside numerous school personnel and have taken numerous notes over the year.”

“I am not a ‘yes’ man or a “no” man,” Burgett also stated. “I am for the students and staff. I have listened to your praises and concerns. I will be your voice on the school board if elected.”

“I offer my phone number, 270-647-2154, to anyone with questions about my campaign,” Burgett said.

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