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Franklin-Simpson Ambulance Service Director Dale McCreary receives a vaccine shot on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

Simpson County’s first responders began receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

The vaccine was delivered to The Medical Center at Franklin the previous day and given to hospital workers.

On the Simpson County Judge/Executive Mason Barnes Facebook page Barnes said medical workers, first responders, long term care facility residents, medically compromised individuals, teachers and students will receive the vaccine before it is available to the general public.

He said it is estimated that the vaccine will be available to the general public in at least the spring of 2021.

The state has a four-phase plan for the vaccine than can be seen on the website.

Barnes posted additional comments regarding a COVID-19 coalition meeting held virtually on Dec. 22.

“Our biggest topic of discussion was the Covid vaccines. We heard from those in our local medical community as to where we are with the vaccine at this point in time.

Here are the highlights from the conversation:

In Simpson County we currently have the Moderna vaccine available for the medical community and first responders;

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are both 2-part vaccinations. We have the Moderna available here and the second part is slated 28 days behind the first shot.

You only have partial immunity after the first shot, then 90% plus immunity after the second shot.

It is still unclear if you could carry and/or spread the virus after you are vaccinated.

We are hopeful to get vaccination shipments weekly but are unsure at this point about the frequency of receiving more.

We will vaccinate medical workers, 1st responders, long term care facility residents, medically compromised individuals, teachers and students before it is available to the general population. The State has laid out a four-phase plan you can see on their website.

Most of the hospitals in our region are either at capacity or close to capacity on regular rooms (not just from Covid but from all medical conditions).

ICU beds in the 10 county Barren River Area Development District (which includes Simpson County) are at 80.6% capacity.”

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