City of Franklin property tax rates are lower than last year.

The Franklin City Commission on Monday approved city 2020 property tax rates of 12.2 cents per $100 of assessed value on real and tangible property. This year’s rate is 10% of a cent lower than 2019’s rate of 12.3 cents.

The commission approved two rezoning ordinances, one ordinance rezones 618 and 620 East Cedar Stree from R-1 (single family residential) to B-2 (general business district), the other ordinance rezones some 47.7 acres west of 31-W North and west and adjacent to Windsor Park Subdivision from A-1 (agriculture) to R-1S (single family residential).

Commissioners heard first reading of two ordinances forgoing collection of city occupational taxes for up to ten years on employees hired as a result of expansions at Virtus Precision Tube and the Tractor Supply Distribution Center. The inducement is part of a state business inducement program.

The commission also heard first reading of an ordinance amending local planning and zoning regulations for property less than 10 acres outside of the city limits. Simpson Fiscal Court has approved the amendment which must also have city commission approval.

No vote is taken on first reading of a city ordinance.

The commission approved providing funds for the purchase of a replacement command vehicle for Franklin-Simpson Fire Rescue, contingent on Simpson Fiscal Court providing funding.

Commissioners approved a motion to not allow street closing requests for events until the governor’s COVID-19 executive orders allow gatherings sufficient in size to support such requests.

Commissioners were considering a request for a street closing on September 26 when the action was taken.

A list of surplus city property to be sold on an online public auction was approved along with a resolution declaring Septmber as City Government Month.

And, city officials receiving training certification awards from the Kentucky League of Cities were recognized.

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