For the upcoming school year, Simpson County Schools is introducing "Profile of a Graduate," which is essentially an example of what the school system would like a graduate to know and be able to do achieve upon graduation.

"After lots of surveying, lots of discussions we landed on a profile of a graduate that used things like citizenship, communication, personal responsibility, digital literacy, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving as the foundation of those competences we want to make sure every student developed before they graduated," said Jim Flynn, superintendent of Simpson County Schools.

Flynn said the six categories came after talking to the schools in Simpson County and the community members to gain an idea for what the community values the most.

"We were kind of thinking about this in light of what do we want to do next with our graduation requirements," Flynn said. "We have been an innovator with graduation requirements in Kentucky."

Once they got the groundwork for the profile in place they started communicating with the school staff to figure out how to implement the profile for the different grades.

"We wanted to better define what it is besides that traditional academic component," Flynn said.

The school wants to prepare the students academically and socially for life after Simpson County Schools.

Flynn said they took the six characteristics and started trying to define what they would look like to help verify that the students are developing around the characteristics.

"When they leave we know they were well developed in these important life skill areas in addition to the background knowledge and other work and life skills they might learn that is already embedded in our curriculum," Flynn said.

The plan is to work over the next year with the teachers at each school to determine how the profile will develop in the school curriculum.

"This is not going to develop overnight so this is going to be some work overtime," Flynn said.

Flynn as always believed that as you raise the bar of expectations students will meet that challenge.

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