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Jane Ross started her new position as the Administrative Assistant to the new Simpson County School Superintendent on July 1.

Jane Ross, the new Simpson County Schools administrative assistant, started on July 1. She applied for the position at the end of April and moved to the central office once she had finished out her contract with Simpson Elementary School.

"I thought it would be fun to work for and with Mr. Schlosser," Ross said. "I loved my job at Simpson. I wasn't looking for anything else before this appeared, but it just kind of seemed like an opportunity to grow and do something a little bit different and still stay in the school system."

Ross worked in the office of Simpson Elementary School and has been part of the school system for more than 20 years. She finished out her time with the school on Friday and started shadowing Kim Crabtree, the former administrative assistant, the following Monday.

Ross shadowed Crabtree for three weeks, learning the different tasks an administrative assistant undertakes to help the superintendent with his duties. She said she learned a lot from Crabtree, but was a little overwhelmed on Monday when Crabtree was no

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longer there to ask questions.

"She told me who to ask about different things and I have bugged all those people at least once," Ross said. "They have all been very kind and patience so far."

Ross said the biggest difference between Simpson Elementary and the Central Office was the number of people there. Knowing many of the people at the office made it easier since she wasn't going into a strange place with new people.

"Everybody has been super nice and helpful," Ross said.

Ross said her main goal is to get through her first board meeting by herself without Crabtree's help and getting it right. She also hopes to not ask so many questions by the end of her first couple of months.

Another challenge Ross has had to deal with is when answering the phones and not saying Simpson Elementary, but Simpson County Schools. Ross said she has slipped up a few times already and will probably slip up a few more times.

Her long-term goals are to build on new relationships and continue to work on the relationships she had established before taking the administrative assistant position.

"Being in the system for over 20 years I know a lot of people and I hope to continue those relationships and make the ones here a little better," she said.

Ross said working with the new Superintendent Tim Schlosser is going to be great.

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