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Members of the family of former PVA Pam Womack are pictured on the bench they purchased in her honor. The bench is located on the sidewalk on Cedar Street in front of the Simpson County PVA office. Pamela B. Womack served as Simpson County PVA from 1996-2018.

Six new benches have been added to the sidewalks in the Downtown Historic District around the square in Franklin. The benches are the first of a series of Commemorative Bicentennial Benches that are being placed downtown in honor of Franklin’s 200th birthday celebration for 2020.

“We wanted to add something to the Downtown Historic District that would be a lasting reminder of the bicentennial celebration in Franklin after it had ended,” said Amy Ellis, Franklin-Simpson Bicentennial Committee member and F-S Renaissance Director. “F-S Renaissance had tossed around the idea of adding additional seating to the sidewalk side of the street for a couple of years. The addition of the benches, is a perfect way to add the seating that is needed and to commemorate our Bicentennial. Having families and organizations provide the funding for the benches, enables them to be personalized in honor of loved ones.”

The first six benches were installed on Oct. 21 by the City of Franklin.

Everyone who purchased a bench was allowed to choose a side of the square to locate their bench.

“We are excited about this project and what it adds to our downtown.” said Tammie Carey, F-S Bicentennial Committee member and Community Development Director for the City of Franklin.” As the project grows, location selection may be limited. Amy has done a great job working with families to select a meaningful location for the bench they sponsor.”

In addition to the four sides of the square, other areas in the downtown district will be included in the project. After the Bicentennial year is over, Renaissance will take over the project.

The steel benches are $1600 and include a commemorative plaque. The legs are cast iron and the words Franklin, KY are embossed in the sides of the benches. The next order for benches has begun and Dec. 20 is the cut off date to order and pay for the next order.

“We have already sold a couple of benches for the next order.” Ellis said. “What a meaningful way to honor a loved one who owned a business or worked downtown, held a political office, volunteered for our community or simply made a difference in Franklin. “

If you would like to order a bench or for more information go to or the Franklin Simpson Bicentennial page on Facebook, or contact Amy Ellis at 270-647-0621.

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