Suzanne Collins beautifully combines mystery and fantasy to create Gregor the Overlander, the first installment in the series.

With nothing but an endlessly boring summer ahead of him, Gregor sits in his apartment with his grandma and youngest sister.

With his other sister gone for summer camp and his mother at work, Gregor takes his little sister, nicknamed Boots, and starts to do laundry in the basement.

While there, Boots stumbles onto a grate behind a dryer and falls through it and Gregor goes through after her. They start falling down what seems to Gregor as a never-ending black hole.

Eventually, Gregor and Boots find themselves in a dark tunnel, where they meet giant cockroaches that lead them to an arena full of giant bats and people. He learns that he is under New York City, in a place called the Underland.

The people, called Underlanders, say that Gregor is the chosen one, destined to fulfill their old prophecy. Gregor, told he might find his missing father, hesitantly agrees.

Gregor embarks on a fun-filled adventure full of danger and mystery. Will he find his dad? What creatures and mishaps will he encounter on his journey? Read this novel and experience the amazing story of Gregor the Overlander.

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