Gerry Gail Douglas, Brownsville, Kentucky to James Delbert Romine, Brownsville, Kentucky;

Hollie Breanna Williams, Franklin, to Brian Scott Cobain Freeman, Franklin;

Roberta Gomez Ponce, Franklin, to Mario Alquisiras Sostenes, Franklin;

Kaitlyn Brooke Davis, Springfield, Tennessee, to Derrick Len Smith, Springfield, Tennessee;

Myra Kathleen Cameron, Jonesboro, Arkansas to Michael Ryan Kessler, Jonesboro, Arkansas;

Jessica Ann Carter, Adairville, Kentucky to Damian Michael Price, Russellville, Kentucky;

Virginia Diane Wilson, Franklin to Jesse Carl Harmon, Franklin;

Whitney Daniale Marlin, Franklin to Michael David England, Franklin;

Dariem Onaney Lopez Mendivil, Franklin to Layton Michael Morgan, Russellville;

Melissa Gail Finn, Franklin to Peggy M Gladden, Franklin;

Judy Ellen Steenbergen, Spencer, Tennessee, to Vernon Clarence Burch, Bloomfield, Indiana;

Miranda Faith Willis, Franklin to Nathan Daniel Bain, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky;

Holly Paige Houchens, Glasgow to Derek Kyle Brown, Franklin;

Cheynne Le'Nae McDougal, Bowling Green to Michael Wayne Matney Jr., Greensburg, Kentucky;

Sarah Beth Gideon, Anderson, Indiana, to Raymond Luther Mauch, Franklin.

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