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Meadow Hall, a senior at Franklin-Simpson High School, was accepted into Harvard University.

Franklin-Simpson High School senior Meadow Hall has been accepted to Harvard University for the fall of 2020.

“It has always been my dream ever since I was little,” Hall said.

Hall has been active in high school clubs like the Catering Cats, participating as a member of the Young Democrats for four years and Y Club for two years along other extra-curricular activities. She has been part of the Franklin-Simpson volleyball team for five years.

When she found out she was accepted, she and her mom jumped up-and-down screaming and crying. She said her step-dad was out working on the lawn when she found out and she flagged him down to tell him the news.

She mentioned her mom didn’t get her GED until she 38, and Hall always looked at Harvard as a way to achieve a higher level of education to work her way out of poverty. She said being accepted into an Ivy League school is overwhelming.

“I think it would make me feel a little bit better if I had somebody’s footsteps to follow, but I think it makes me happy that I can be those footsteps for other people,” Hall said.

Although she has not declared a concentration, she is focusing on the pre-law track, she said, and is looking at taking a politics class or some type of psychology class during her first semester to narrow down her interests.

“Harvard offers college and professional advisers so I would be able to craft my schedule with them,” Hall said. “Choosing a major is the hard part, but I am leaning towards maybe a civil right attorney or a defense attorney or maybe even prosecution.”

She said the atmosphere of the courtroom is what is drawing her to law. She loves the energy, being passionate and focusing on facts, she said.

“I think getting there and then allowing the network there to take me where it will, will help in the decision-making process,” Hall said.

She said she started the application process by filling out a common application for college and writing supplemental essays required by Harvard. Once that was submitted, she said she was contacted by an alumnus in February to do the interview. She said the interview took place in a Starbucks in Bowling Green.

After the interview, she was told to keep looking on her application portal for a release date on the decision. She said it was a very long waiting period. In July those admitted to Harvard are required to take a placement exam for writing and math courses.

In May, once admitted individuals are fully committed, she will begin her roommate placement process.

“I would say I’m a tiny bit nervous, I like to cook a lot, so the transition to letting everyone else make my meals in the dining hall is going to be a little weird,” Hall said.

Hall said she has applied to the majority of the local scholarships offered to her and Harvard is 100% needs met with financial aid. She said after financial aid she will only be responsible for basic living expenses while her tuition, books, housing are covered.

“It is not going to be a financial burden, it is actually going to be an actual viable option,” Hall said. “I’m really excited.”

Her biggest advocate has been her mother, helping her and encouraging her through every step, she said. Her mother has requested that she receive a bumper sticker so she can show people her kid goes to Harvard.

“I am ready to start that part of my life and just take advantage of all the doors that are going to be open to moving all the way up there,” Hall said.

Editor’s Note:This story was originally published in the April 9, 2020 of the Franklin Favorite and incorrectly identified the student as Meadow Hill instead of Meadow Hall.

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