The masonry classes at Franklin-Simpson High School have built a Christmas tree out of brick and fake mortar for the 23rd year.

"It's going good, it is really fun to build," said Jazmine Juarez, a senior at FSHS.

This is Juarez's first year at FSHS and has never seen the tree before. She said she is excited to see it all completed.

Bob Poteet, the masonry instructor at FSHS said his class started making a tree years ago because they heard another school building one.

"We didn't know how to go about it," he said. "We sat down and drew it all out and came up with the idea there."

All five of his classes started work on the project before fall break and the project is usually finished by Thanksgiving break, he said. It gives the kids practice with the level and how to intersect walls together.

"The kids have kept it going every year, it is kind of like homecoming to the school," Poteet said. "This is kind of our Christmas tree to the masonry club."

Once the tree is finished, the classes will add lights and garland in blue and silver around it and top it with a concrete star that was made several years ago, he said.

The completed brick Christmas tree will have around 3,000 lights on it and made from about 1,500 bricks, Poteet said. The mortar they use is a fake mortar that can be broken down and reused.

Once Christmas is over the classes will take the tree apart to reuse the bricks and fake mortar.

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