The Simpson County Schools Back to School Bash was held on Wednesday, Aug. 19 as a drive- thru school supplies giveaway.

The event was co-sponsored by Franklin Simpson Family Resource & Youth Service Center, UK Cooperative Extension Service, Boys and Girls Club of Franklin, German American Bank, Franklin Business and Professional Women, Burkes Outlet and Franklin Church of Christ. This year’s event was different than in year’s past, but the goal of the committee, co-chaired by Lucinda Eversman of Franklin Simpson Family Resource & Youth Service Center and Lynn Reins of Boys and Girls Club of Franklin, to help Simpson County students by supplying them with school supplies was fulfilled.

The co-sponsors have been working on collecting school supplies and donations throughout our community. On Aug. 4, Franklin Drive-In hosted a fundraiser and school supply collection event where the proceeds from the night’s movie were donated to the cause. Other monetary donors included Stuff the Bus, Silgan Plastics, FS Human Rights Commission, Franklin BPW, LifePoint Church, Franklin Homemakers, Burkes Outlet, Vermont Thread Gauge, Literacy Center and 4-H. Other organizations collected and donated supplies including LifeSkills Service Center, First Baptist Church, The Medical Center at Franklin, Aetna, Calvary Baptist Church, The Wood Shack and Simpson County Girl Scouts.

In preparing for the event, the supplies were stuffed into tote bags provided by Aetna and quarantined for 5 days before handing out the supplies. The volunteers, including representatives from the schools and co-sponsors, who helped to pass out the supplies worked using the suggested protective gear including masks and gloves along with social distancing as much as possible. Each family was checked in to make sure their children were listed as being enrolled in Simpson County Schools. The car was then assigned a tent to pick up their supplies. It was a beautiful day for the event that was scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the supplies were in such high demand that all 400 bags were given out by 12 p.m. A notification was sent out by Simpson County Schools to all students and parents to let them know that the event had ended early. If supplies are still needed, students or parents may contact the Family Resource & Youth Service Center at their schools.

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