Since March 2017, Jimmy Norris has grown out his hair to donate it to Wigs For Kids, a non-profit hair donation organization.

"I know it is for a good reason," said Norris. "God's blessed me with it so I can pass it on."

The idea sparked after he saw a commercial on TV about kids with cancer. Norris's mother and grandmother suffered from cancer and he saw them struggle. He figured it would be harder on children.

Norris is currently in the Simpson County Detention Center and a part of the jail's Second Chance Offender Rehabilitation and Education (SCORE) program working for Franklin Precision Industry.

On Tuesday, Jan Williams from Head 2 Toe Hair Salon, came to the jail to cut Norris's hair off for donations.

Williams said it would take longer to prep the hair for the cut then it would to actually cut it. She spent the time sectioning the hair and braiding it.

"It is a lot easier and it doesn't tangle as much when you are sending it off," Williams said.

Williams said this is the first time she has come to the jail to cut someone's hair to donate.

Ashley Penn, program director for the SCORE program, said she was excited this morning when she woke up because she has never had a phone call or request like this.

"To have somebody care this much to want to do something like this from such an unconventional place, that means a lot," Penn said.

Norris was able to pay for the hair cut himself because he is earning a livable wage through the SCORE program.

He was able to donate 170.5 inches to Wigs For Kids, which Williams said could be used to make several wigs.

Norris said he is considering growing his hair out again to donate to make more wigs.

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