If you want a movie that leans away from the traditional movie layout, this film is perfect for you. In most movies, the movie begins with some manner of tragedy. As the movie progresses, the storyline becomes happier and more cheerful and ends with the main character’s happily ever after. “The Man in the Moon” does not follow this outline.

The movie begins with the main character, Dani, played by a young Reese Witherspoon, meeting an older boy named Court. Dani and her older sister, Maureen, have a particularly strong connection. Dani quickly falls for Court, and they began a flirtatious relationship. When Court is introduced to Dani’s older sister, Maureen, however, they quickly fall in love with one another. They begin a secret romance, which they try to keep hidden from Dani. When Dani discovers their relationship, she is heartbroken and she stops communicating with her sister. Soon after Dani’s discovery, a tragedy leaves both sisters heartbroken, but it also reconnects their bond.

“The Man in the Moon” begins light and gradually becomes more tragic. If you want a story that does not end in a normal happily ever after, then you should watch this movie.

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