Stepping into the eclectic backyard of Harold and Sheila Logan at their home of 38 years on the 1800 section of Macedonia Road is an exciting and joyful adventure. The Franklin-Simpson Garden Club has chosen their place for the July Yard of the Month for their vegetable garden — and so much more.

Just a few steps from their patio, the raised bed containers were built out of timbers and lined inside and under with rubber matting to keep out the weeds. The Logans are growing an extensive amount of vegetables including five types of tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, beans, lettuce, radishes, and cucumbers. They also grow fennel, dill, cilantro, basil, parsley, and horseradish.

Both Harold and Sheila are retired, but facing physical challenges, so a raised bed garden is practical and perfect for them. Another unique feature is a mailbox attached to an old plow which holds all their gardening tools. Adjacent to their patio is a koi pond which they have enjoyed for over 35 years. The pond features a waterfall and bridge decorated with Asian art and surrounded by banana trees, Japanese maples, and flowers. Nearby is a large pot of tropical plumeria known for its flowers in Hawaiian leis.

Farther back in their yard is a large chicken house (coop) where 30 chickens live in luxury. It is adorable with its window box planters full of pink flowers.

To top off our tour, we strolled through their fairy garden which is decorated whimsically with fairy statues fairy houses, fun signs and a haunted woods. This area also features a water fountain and a bottle tree.

So you can see, although they won due to their raised bed vegetable garden, there yard really is SO much more. Thanks to the Logans for being such gracious, talented hosts and for their hard work at making our community lovelier. They welcome visitors and love to show off their gardens.

In the category of residential landscaping, the home of Bob and Bev Gregory on East First Avenue is our other July Yard of the Month. In their application, the Gregory’s stated “Our backyard had nothing in it but a patio table. It is now our sanctuary scaled to what we can do six years later. We have a fire circle since we love camping! A herb garden near the kitchen, a small water feature and a unique vegetable garden in pots fill a corner of the backyard. Lots of trial and error flowers since I am not from Kentucky. Most have been gift starts from friends and members of the garden club.” Bev also admits to being very sentimental and has many plants that came from friends back in Lawrence, Kansas. She can remember her good friends each time she walks through her gardens, something many gardeners can relate to. Bev shared that Bob’s favorite part of gardening is “mowers and blowers”. The neatness of their garden can attest to his skills in this area.

Bob and Bev met at a campground since they both lived in motor homes (separately) after selling their homes. After getting married, they chose Franklin as their home together and the fire pit is a tribute to the many years of camping and their love of the outdoors that brought them together.

The pride in their accomplishments is apparent as they shared their garden with our committee members. Everything has been planted with love and a purpose. So stop by, sit a spell, and enjoy this lovely residential garden that has been a labor of love.

Each month, the Franklin-Simpson Garden Club highlights one or two gardens in the categories of Residential, Vegetable Gardens, and Public Gardens. Nomination forms can be found on our Franklin-Simpson Yard of the Month Facebook Page or by calling Debbie Wyatt at 270 223-7831 to request a form. Nominations for August are due by July 20. Nominate yourself, or a garden that has impressed you. We have a wealth of gardens in our county to choose from. After all, we are the “Garden Spot” city.

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