Lunch Ladies

FSHS lunch staff pictured (from left to right) Brandi Key, Stephanie Manning and Mary-Beth Martain.

Mary Beth Martin wakes up every day and gets ready for work. She comes to Franklin-Simpson High School and starts preparing for breakfast and the upcoming lunch shifts.

She takes the breakfast cart, when school begins, throughout the school and sees if anyone missed breakfast. She also takes the cart at 10:30 a.m. for second breakfast.

The Franklin-Simpson High School or FSHS, lunch ladies make sure every student eats. Three FSHS lunch ladies, Stephanie Manning, Brandi Key, and Martin, took the time to describe their daily activities and responsibilities.

Some of the responsibilities of the lunch ladies include cooking, baking, and cleaning while maintaining a positive attitude. During the two lunch shifts, they make sure each student has a full meal and any added food they want or need. They also run the register where students put in their four-digit lunch numbers.

“ We just make sure they are taken care of, any of their needs, even if they just need to talk,” said Martin.

While our lunch ladies try to keep a cheerful attitude, their job can present some challenges, including disrespectful students.

“ The most challenging part of our job is feeling unappreciated for all that we do,” said Key and Manning.

Though their job can be difficult at times, these lunch ladies still enjoy what they do.

“I enjoy trying to be a positive example for the kids to look forward to seeing every day,” said Manning.

With the help of the lunch ladies, the students of Franklin-Simpson High School are able to enjoy daily breakfast and lunch hours with the students.

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