Historical Center offering haunted jail every weekend

The Simpson County Historical Society is offering a haunted jail for every weekend in October to the community of Franklin.

"I just figured it would be fun for everybody and I love haunted houses," Brooke Pickett, an employee with the Simpson County Historical Society.

Pickett said she formed the idea for the haunted jail when a volunteer working on the escape room asked her to look into making a pressure switch. During her research she said she found a lot of interesting ideas for a haunted jail.

"We really just want it to be fun and there is a couple things that go on in this town for Halloween, but it is always the day before or the day of or the week of, so if you want to do something you have to travel to Tennessee in order to do it," she said.

The haunted jail will have a Christmas cell with a surprise, a creepy kids cell, an inmate cell and a chain saw delight cell.

"In order to keep it going we need help from the community and this is a way to do it," Pickett said. "It is fun and it benefits a great cause."

The haunted jail will be open on Fridays and Saturdays through the month from dusk to 10 p.m. The haunted jail will also be open the week of Halloween with the hours on Monday through Wednesday from dusk to 9 p.m. and on Thursday they will be open from dusk until the last person leaves.

Tickets can be purchased at the door using cash or credit card or can be purchased through their Facebook page, Simpson County Historical Society, Inc. Entrance for adults is $10 per person and children 5 and under is $5.

Anyone purchasing a ticket through Facebook will need to bring the receipt and a photo ID with them to enter the haunted jail.

"We won't (allow) purses or diaper bags or anything like that go through, it will just simply be your phone and your keys," Pickett said.

Drinks will be sold during the haunted jail for $1 and will include regular soda, diet soda and bottled water. "Old Jail" T-shirts will also be on sale for $10.

They are looking for volunteers to work during the haunted jail both inside the jail and at the drink booth. Those working inside the jail will be in costume.

"People can do their own costume, design their own or they can ask for one, we could to that either way," Pickett said.

None of the volunteers have to work every time the haunted jail is open, they can choose one or two days to work, she said.

There are two pages set up on their Facebook, one for drink booth volunteers and haunted jail volunteers. On those pages people can reply in a comment with their name and contact number. If volunteering for the haunted jail whether they need a costume or will have one of their own and what day or days they want to volunteer.

Drink sale volunteers just need to write their name and contact number so the historical society can get in touch with them. Drink sale volunteers are not required to dress up, but it is appreciated.

Pickett said they might bring the haunted jail back again next year depending on the success.

For any information on the haunted jail, contact Brooke Pickett at the Simpson County Historical Society, 270-586-4228.

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