A crowd turned out for the rescheduled Community Day at the F-S Jim Roberts Community Park on Sept .28, despite the heat index.

"We would have liked to have had a larger turn out, but with everybody that was here, everybody had a good time, they learned something new," said Lisa Deavers, chair of the Bicentennial Committee.

Events for the day included live music by Tommy Johnson and other musicians who wanted to participate and a live performance by the Red River Fiddlers in the morning. Kid games like tug of war were available to keep the children entertained.

Mark Love, with Love of Love's Professional Face Painting, was at the park painting kids faces for free.

A few antique tractors were at the event two owned by Myron Thurman and two owned by father, and son, Jeff and Justin Price. Jeff Price brought his 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee and Justin brought his 1945 John Deer LA.

"They actually belongs to my grandparents, his great-grandparents, once upon a time," Jeff Price said. "They will be in the family until there is nothing left of them. This is all we have left of them."

Justin Price said they take any chance they can to show off the tractors. They were Jeff's grandparents pride and joy.

"It wasn't as big a turn out with the tractors as we were hoping," Jeff Price said.

There was a dunking booth provided by the Simpson County Fair Board with Chris Davidson sitting in the dunk seat. Tom Melville was giving instructions on how to play cricket by 1819 rules and getting teams together.

"The game hasn't changed much in 200 years," Melville said.

Everyone that came to participate in the game he said had heard of the game, but had zero knowledge of the game prior to playing, he said. That is expected and it is why he was there he said.

Josh York, who brought his wife and three children to the park said he heard about it and thought it could be a fun day at the park for them all.

"I hope everybody that came out enjoyed it and hopefully the ones that didn't will, next time when we do something it won't be this, will be able to join us," Deavers said.

Deavers said they have two more Bicentennial events scheduled before the end of the year. On Oct. 26, they will be giving Lantern Cemetery Tours and they will have a New Year's Eve celebration on the square on New Year's Eve.

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