Dueling Grounds Distillery announced this week the release of its 4-year-old Linkumpinch Bourbon on Oct. 31. The bourbon is available in a cask strength single barrel edition, as well as a very small batch 100 proof expression, according to a release.

The release stated that both bottlings are limited to less than 500 bottles each for 2020 and in the future all Linkumpinch Bourbon will be aged a minimum of four years.

“Reaching the 4-year milestone is major accomplishment for Dueling Grounds Distillery. We are a small team making all of our Bourbon from scratch with local ingredients. We make it, barrel it and bottle it all right here in Simpson County,” Dueling Grounds Distillery owner Marc Dottore said in the release.

The uniquely handcrafted batches of Dueling Grounds Distillery’s Linkumpinch bourbon are double-pot distilled on site in Simpson County aged four years in charred oak barrels, featuring corn and wheat from the local area.

Bourbon can be purchased in-store or curbside starting at 10 a.m. Oct. 31. The distillery, located at 208 Harding Road, is easily accessible from Exit 6 and Exit 2 on I-65, and holds tours and tastings weekly Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Dueling Grounds Distillery began operating in Franklin, Simpson County, in 2014. The bourbon is named for Linkumpinch Farm where legendary duels took place, the distillery is the first of its kind since the era of prohibition. The story goes back to Sept. 22, 1826 when Tennessee Representative Sam Houston wounded General William A. White in a pistol duel over the political appointment of the Nashville postmaster. By that time, the dueling grounds had seen more than 40 duels, establishing its place in history.

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