Franklin-Simpson High School senior Emma Peden was crowned 2021 Football Homecoming Queen before Friday night’s football game.

Peden, daughter of Jeff and Tara Peden, was escorted by Omar Harrison, son of Andre Harrison and Tamara Davis. She was crowned by the 2020 Football Homecoming Queen Sirenity Kee.

The Homecoming court consisted of senior class member Julianna Whitney, daughter of Ben and Kim Whitney, escorted by Dalton Fiveash, son of Tina Thacker and Micah Fiveash;

Junior class member Roselyn Cabrera, daughter of Joshua Cabrera and Rosalinda Flores, escorted by Seth Pinson, son of Keith and Jessica Pinson; and junior Camilla Grenados, daughter of Rehanna Colson, escorted by Taunton Kelly, son of Bill and Christy Kelly;

Sophomore class member Lucia Garcia Uriz, daughter of David and Laura Uriz, escorted by Alex Thurman, son of Chris and Amanda Thurman; and sophomore Charlotte Vaughn, daughter of Duey and Stacy Vaughn, escorted by Wade Humphrey, son of Chuck and Michelle Humphrey;

Freshman class member Jasmine Grover, daughter of Jaxon and Gretchen Grover, escorted by Matthew Warren, son of Mark and Holly Warren; and freshman Meryn McBrayer, daughter of Lee and Carrie McBrayer, escorted by Griff Banton, son of Courtney and Dana Banton.

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