The first night of the production, "The Pageant at Barrington Hills" was performed in front of a packed room at the Roxy Theatre on Nov. 22.

"It was fantastic," said Brownie Bennett, executive director of the Franklin-Simpson Community Arts Council. "It just went so well, everybody loved it."

The play was written and directed by Stephen Tedeschi, of Nashville, Tennessee, who came to Franklin each week to help with the play.

"At auditions, it was great because the people came in and I knew exactly who they could be their parts were just perfect for them who they auditioned for," Tedeschi said.

He wrote the play in 2003 and this was the first time the play was performed somewhere outside of Nashville's Christ Church, he said. It was a great cast to work with and they all came together.

Kira Harlow, who played Angela Greenbury cast as Mary, said it was challenging at first getting used to playing two characters in the same play.

"I had to go from being a mean person, which I am not naturally a really mean person, so that was difficult to adapt to, and then after that, I had to change to Mary, the virgin mary and be innocent," Harlow said. "It was a challenge, but it was very gratifying."

She said she really enjoyed performing in the play and she hopes the audience enjoyed it just as much.

"We hope they felt the Christmas spirit and felt the true story come through of Jesus's birth, that it was more than just a disheveled cast that didn't get along and that it was actually the story of Christmas," Harlow said.

Tedeschi reiterated the sentiment by saying they wanted the audience to have a good time.

"Opening night was so fun, the energy of the cast we great, the crowd was great," he said. "I've heard so many comments on the way out and that is what we wanted."

Bennett said the show was sold out for opening night and Saturday night and while tickets were not sold out for Sunday at time of press, she was expecting a large crowd.

"Just thanks to everybody coming out and watching and being supportive and thanks for the sponsors because we couldn't do it without the sponsors and all the people who support us throughout the year," Bennett said.

Tedeschi said Franklin has been such a wonderful welcoming town and if Bennett wanted to see more of his plays he would love to show her.

The Franklin Rotary Club, Susan Layne of Legacy Group Properties and Tent Time Rentals sponsored the play.

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