Ashlynn Flippin is the winner of Simpson County’s 2020-2021 Distinguished Young Woman Program.

Ashlynn will participate in a virtual state DYW competition. She will travel to Lexington on Dec. 12 to film all of her parts for the program. The program will be streamed on the internet Jan. 21-23.

There were nine Franklin-Simpson High School seniors that participated in this year’s Simpson County DYW program. The nine participants in addition to Ashlynn Flippin included

Zoe Graves, Carra Chaney, Jacee Cummings, Annie Massey, Mattelyn Warren, Margaret Warren, Samantha Hicks-Gomez, and Kaysten Thomas.

The program was judged on Oct. 17. All of the same categories were in the virtual program. The participants started with a zoom interview and then the judges watched a virtual program that included videos of participants’ talents, self expression, and fitness routine.

The scholarship winners from this year’s program and the amount of the scholarships by category are:

Fitness — $100 each — Carra Chaney and Zoe Graves;

Talent — $100 each — Annie Massey and Jacee Cummings;

Self Expression — $100 each — Carra Chaney and Mattelyn Warren;

Interview — $100 each — Ashlynn Flippin and Kaysten Thomas;

Scholastic Runner Up — $100 — Zoe Graves;

Scholastic Winner — $250 — Mattelyn Warren;

Fourth Runner Up — $100 — Zoe Graves;

Third Runner Up — $200 — Carra Chaney;

Second Runner Up — $300 — Kaysten Thomas;

First Runner Up — $500 — Mattelyn Warren;

And, $1,000 for winning the program went to Ashlynn Flippin.

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