In the wake of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak schools, businesses and organizations have shut down to stop the spread of the virus, forcing people to find ways to occupy time as they self-quarantine.

Some people are working from home, those who can, and others are finally getting around to completing that to-do list they have been avoiding for awhile, while others are learning a skill.

The Goodnight Memorial Library, while it is closed to the public, has been posting links to websites and online activities to help keep people entertained. The library is still offering drive-up services, at the time of print, and their online contributions have been expanded to include all citizens.

“We strongly encourage use of our online services at this time to help stop the spread of the coronavirus,” said Jim Peterson, IT manger for the Goodnight Memorial Library.

Their catalog is still available for drive-up services at with access to services like Kentucky Libraries Unbound, RBDigital, Worldbook Online, hoopla! and Universal Class accessible with a library card.

The library has been able to add all students in the Simpson County School system to the KY Libraries Unbound service and can access it using their student ID to log on. Residents can now use a mobile telephone number to log into the KY Libraries Unbound until the isolation protocols have been suspended.

RBDigital has a lot of eBooks and audiobooks available for younger residents and can work with the RBDigital app or a computer desktop. Hoopla! provides access to hundreds of music, movies, audiobooks, eBooks, comics and more.

Worldbook Online is an electronic version of Worldbook Encyclopedia and is updated as history happens. Peterson said it is a valuable resource for students researching different subjects.

Universal Class allows library card holders the opportunity to study over 500 different subjects for personal enrichment.

“While you cannot earn college credit through this program, you can learn subjects that will give you the edge for a promotion, such as Microsoft Office, accounting, managerial and others,” Peterson said.

He said nearly all of the online services will require a username and password setup. The library cannon recover a lost password. When a service requires a PIN number, it should be the last four digits of the library card, he said.

“While we can’t be open to the public like normal, we want to do all we can to help folks find the information they need, help the students with their studies, and make sure everyone has all the resources necessary to get through this as best they can,” Peterson said.

The Gallery on the Square is also offering students and residents the ability to complete a craft each week. Lisa Deavers, executive director of the Gallery on the Square, said they will post the craft on their Facebook page each week.

“We will have a packet made up with those supplies for those that need them and we will have those in front of the gallery to be picked up,” Deavers said.

Some households may not need the supplies from the gallery to complete the project, but the packets will be available for those that do. She said to indicate you would like a packet to leave a comment in the post on how many you want and your name will be on the packet when you pick it up.

“We are also sharing links from other organizations that are giving art lessons, that are doing YouTube channels with arts and crafts activities, just so that they can go in and click on those and find something that they like,” Deavers said.

The crafts will not be difficult and the gallery asks a photo of the completed craft be posted to their page so people can share with each other.

Deavers said she is looking into an owl craft that requires yarn and cardboard or when the weather gets nice she may add in some sidewalk chalk.

“We will post each week what it is going to be, a deadline to respond and the date we will have them out,” she said.

Deavers said she wants to help the students stay engaged in the arts and their creativity while not in school.

To ask about a library card call 270-586-8397 or call to place an order of books, which will be brought to your vehicle.

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