In this story of revenge, betrayal, and intrigue, author Katie Alender beautifully combines history, murder and the paranormal to create an amazing storyline.

The story follows Colette Iselin as she heads to Paris for a class trip. She's thrilled to see the culture and delve deep into her french roots. But as a series of grisly murders runs through the city, leaving everyone nervous and on edge, her fun-filled trip looks a little less fun-filled.

On top of the murders, Colette has begun seeing visions of a woman in a powdered wig and ball gown, who looks a lot like Marie Antionette.

With the help of a french boy, Colette sets out to uncover the mystery of Marie Antoinette, and whether her ghost has a role in the murders.

If paranormal murders are an interest of yours, this book is an amazing story for you. And even if paranormal murders are not your thing, Katie Alender's beautiful imagery and storytelling ability will surely have you reading for hours.

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