Taylor Bree Stafford, Portland to Zachary Michael Clinard, Orlinda, Tennessee;

Bethany Ann Jones, Westmoreland, Tennessee to Debra Leeann Keen, Westmoreland, Tennessee;

Nancy Kay Warren, Breeman, Georgia to Mitchell Clair Duffer, Franklin;

Lindsay Caroline Crockett, White House, Tennessee to Zachary Ford Inman, Nashville;

Victoria Marie Petty, Franklin to Lucas Tyler White, Whitehouse, Tennessee;

Nicola Shea Humphreys, Franklin to Michael Chase Roberts, Franklin;

Jahaira Lacosta, Clarksville to William Andrew Tribbitt, Franklin;

Brittany Leeann Bagwell, Franklin to Zackary Blake Epley, Franklin;

Kimberly Anne Hagan, Franklin to Bryan Michael Stevenson, Franklin;

Carrie Ann Farmer, Williamsport, Tennessee to David Wilton Worley, Williamsport, Tennessee;

Lauren Ashley Tucker, Gallatin, Tennessee to Benjamin Michael Grant, Goodlettsville, Tennessee;

Annie Marie Garrett, Portland to Dylan Ray Richardson, Franklin;

Mary Elizabeth Slack, Franklin to Herbert Eugene Dunavant, Franklin;

Karissa Kim Cliff, Auburn to John Franklin Knoch, Nashville;

Kristin Faith Buntin, Franklin to Justin Travis Perkins, Franklin;

Harlie Marie Stringer, Franklin to Christopher Daniel Smith, Franklin;

Abigail Elizabeth Hooge, Woodburn, Kentucky to Michael Chase Medley, Woodburn, Kentucky;

Bobbie Jo Brown, Franklin, to Justin Dewayne Branton, Franklin;

Connie Marie Shelton, Bowling Green, to Dustin Wade Skipworth, Bowling Green;

Janna Lynne Shanklin, Franklin, to Andrew Dean Prock, Franklin;

Melinda Jo Mansfield, Glasgow, to Travis Lee Myers, Glasgow;

Bethany Paige Jones, Hendersonville, to alc Hayden Saltsman, Hendersonville;

Tammy Michelle Miller, Adolphus, Kentucky to Kenneth Jeffery Duncan, Russellville;

Kelsi Elise Whitaker, Auburn, to Kelly Daniel Coursey, Franklin;

Stacey Dianne Wheat, Franklin, to Joshua A Brown, Franklin.

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