Savannah Jade Townsend, Cottontown, Tennessee to Tyler Chance Aaron King, Cottontown, Tennessee:

Yazmine Margarita Hernandez, Franklin to Walter Eugene Lawrence, Franklin;

Judith M Perry, Franklin to Arthur Allen, Franklin;

Lauren McKenzie Hallum, Greenbrier, Tennessee to James Austin Briley, Cottontown, Tennessee;

Seirra Nichole Beaird, Spearsville, Louisiana to Benjamin James Harbour, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas;

Felecia Nadine Neblett, Franklin, to Frederick Lane Moore, Franklin;

Adrianne Elaine Rasche, Nashville, to Ryan Carl Bear, Nashville;

Madison Lynn Cole, Portland, Tennessee, to Kurt Austin Triplet, Portland, Tennessee;

Leticia Araceli Victorio, Portland, Tennessee, to Paulino Cruz, Portland, Tennessee;

Tonya Renee Nichols, Bowling Green, to Jared Allen Spears, Franklin;

Nikita Anne Epley, Franklin to Michael Howard Kitchens, Franklin;

Stacy Lynn Gamble, Franklin to Timotheus Martin Nichols, Jr., Bowling Green;

Jennifer Danielle Jones, Franklin to Jacob Thomas Lile, Franklin;

Amanda Jean Matthews, Portland, Tennessee, to Matthew Dillion Shanes, Portland, Tennessee;

Taylor La'Chaye Renfrow, Woodburn, Kentucky to Cody Allen Beck, Woodburn, Kentucky;

Grace Elizabeth Beecher, Franklin to David Eugene Dickens Jr., Springfield, Tennessee;

Mollye Elizabeth Chaffin, Franklin to Edward Clay Hunter, franklin;

Jennifer Elizabeth Hulsey, Franklin to Jeffery Dustin Hunt, Franklin;

Leslie Jordan Gregory, Franklin to Michael Joseph Collins Newman, Franklin;

Shelby Smith Simmons, Franklin to Paul F Johnson, Franklin;

Jessie Catherine Moore, Nashville, Tennessee, to Kyle Stevenson Hershman, Nashville, Tennessee.

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