Senior citizens in Logan County will be getting fewer opportunities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine because a push is being made to get K-12 school personnel vaccinated sooner.

There will be one day for seniors aged 70-and-over this week to receive the vaccine, while school staff will have three days when they can get vaccinated.

“Those I told Friday that there would be a few days offered this week for the 70-plus (age group) to be vaccinated has changed over the weekend and now it seems it’s down to one day,” said Judge-Executive Logan Chick Monday. “I am very disappointed.”

Chick is referring to the Barren River District Health Department plans to use the doses they have received recently on K-12 personnel first this week only setting aside one day on Thursday, Jan. 14 for those that are 70 plus.

“It changed over the weekend,” said Chick who also serves as chairman of the health department board. “I am glad those who work in the school system will be vaccinated. It is extremely important to get our kids back in school. But I am disappointed that some of those seniors who are expecting to get vaccinated this week will have to wait because there may not be enough doses. We will have to see.”

School personnel can be expected to receive vaccinations in Logan County on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday according to the Barren River District Health Department.

A press release on Monday morning to all Judge-Executives and EM Directors from Matt Hunt, District Director of the Barren River District Health Department said:

“Our leadership team worked through the weekend with new changes taking effect immediately with vaccine rollout,” said Hunt. “I learned of these changes on Saturday. Janarae Conway, Branch Manager for Disaster Preparedness, sent an email to EM Directors this weekend. Our original plan was to vaccinate the 70 plus age group on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday has changed. We will vaccinate 70 plus age group on Thursday, Jan. 14 in each of our counties by appointment only to keep our commitment to 70 plus age group.”

The call center, said Hunt, will be set up tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 12) and appointments will be taken at that point for the 70 plus age group.

“The change at the local level is due to a change at the state level,” said Hunt. “You might have read that Med Center Health will start vaccinating K-12 personnel this week. We will be doing the same as this is a statewide push. We will be vaccinating K-12 personnel Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. We will release a press release later today (Monday, Jan. 11) with this information and the call center number for 70 plus age group to call. I am energized knowing that the vaccine is being administered in south-central Kentucky and the inventory levels will increase in the coming weeks.”

Chick said he is Hopeful, next week there will be more doses for those seniors in Logan County.

Information from the Medical Center at Bowling Green concerning vaccination was released over social media this weekend telling the public the hospital was continuing to vaccinate healthcare personnel included in the state’s Phase 1a. The hospital has also been authorized by the Kentucky Department of Public Health to move into Phase 1b which includes first responders, anyone at least age 70, and K-12 school personnel.

According to med Center’s Glynda Chu, people 70 and older from the region can get an appointment.

Age 70 plus individuals who qualify under the age requirements for this priority phase can add their name to the scheduling request list by texting SENIOR to 270-796-3200 or by emailing with your full name, date of birth, and phone number. This is NOT the call center line referred to earlier in this article.

Using either method, your name will be placed in a queue and you will be contacted when an appointment time becomes available. Phase 1b includes a large number of Kentuckians and with the limited supply of vaccines, we ask the public to be patient as we work through the request list.

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